Turn it up to 11

It's Electric Poster

It’s Electric Poster

Every now and then it’s fun to go out to the internet and find a random image to manipulate. This image was created to be fun and playful, while showcasing various photoshop photo-manipulation techniques and typography.

First we duplicate the background and hide the original layer. Then we remove the man and his guitar from their native background. We do this by creating a clipping mask around all the parts of the image we want to keep. We will need to create several clipping masks to create the desired effects around various parts of the image.

After creating the clipping masks, we can then create our glowing and lightening effects using a series of various filters and effects. After making clipping masks of the lightening and adjusting the effects we can prepare for the next stage.

We then create our typography and adjust the look using our effects panel. To complete the look of the text we add more lightening and adjust our clipping masks and effects.

We then position, edit, and adjust all the elements in the image. We finish off the poster by combining all these techniques together to manipulate our final image.

But as you can see there are several flaws in this image. Can you see what might be missing to complete the look of this image? Please leave a comment on what you think is missing.