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LOLA 4 Montana Campaign | Lola Sheldon-Galloway

Who is Lola Sheldon-Galloway? Involved in the following. Great Falls activities: co chair 4th of July parade, been on parade committee since 2006, chair Constitution Day Rally, volunteer for Family Promise, organize  cleaning crews to clean up entryways of Manchester exit  and into Sun Prairie Road when needed, attend fundraisers for local organizations and/or individuals and contribute $$ and items to their causes.

My husband and I were born and raised in Cascade county and have invested our lives in businesses here. NSDQ, FFDQ, Great Falls Lumber, landlords/land investments and Lola’s Music Studio.

I work as a music aide at Centerville school, do bookkeeping for our businesses, play hours with my grandchildren every chance I can, teach 21 piano students after school, volunteer accompanying music students for auditions, performances and recitals. I clean apartments, review and approve rental applications and do book keeping for our 32 units. I also pay the bills for our DQ ADI advertising group.

I’m music chairman for our church and oversee the ” activity day girls” 8-11 years old program.

We donate to little league, schools, teams, special Olympics, charities, local clubs and Children’s Miracle Network to name just a few. In business we call this the ” invisible hand”.  Community volunteer programs thrive only because of charitable members of their community. We have been truly blessed to be successful business entrepreneurs who can donate to good causes.

WE were awarded “most improved rental” in Great Falls in 2009 by Neighborhood Works. WE

were the first DQ to bring the new store design to Montana in 2002, now others have followed our investment such as Billings, Dillon, Missoula, naming just a few. This year We are again investing $$$ in our community by renovating our FFDQ store.

We researched and became the first Do It Best, then (HWI) hardware store co op in Montana. Now there are 42 stores throughout Montana, we’ve help bring into this co op system.

We’ve employeed in our 28 years of business 100s maybe 1000 youth in this community.

My campaign motto:  

“Bringing Government Back to the People”

in my business experience I’ve learned this important lesson, if its not about the people then you’ve lost the motivation to be successful.

I’m a hard worker and stand firm in my principles and values. Thank you for standing with me. Stand for something or fall for anything.

I’d appreciate your support. Thank you for doing this for me!!! Lola Sheldon-Galloway

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