About Me

Originally a native of Montana, I acquired my associates degrees in art, graphic design, web design, and computer science with a concentration in Graphic Design from Montana State University in Great Falls, Montana. Since than I have held a number of in-house positions from a production designer to an business consultant. I have applied my talents within a wide range of industries such as the music industry, wine and restaurant industries, academic field, commercial advertising, and web development — all while simultaneously maintaining my own business as a freelance graphic designer.

Art and music are my passions in life and I couldn’t go a day without them. You can find me regularly noodling around on my guitars or doodling in a sketch book!
Living Room Guitar Sessions

Happy Coffee Time 2

When all is said and done, I have been honing my skills as a graphic artist and visual designer for over 8 years and believe art must be purposeful; art should be a marriage between talent and expression. I enjoy encapsulating both of these in my work. I also am intrigued with merging art and technology, which is why I enjoy web design and in music.

I have heavy experience in traditional art mediums (painting and drawing), vector graphics, illustration, print design, wide-format graphics, and have dabbled in programming.

You might not know it but great design requires a lot of research. I research your competitors, similar industries, opposite industries, and everything in between. I gather inspiration, I tear things out of magazines, and pick peoples brains… I’m basically SVU’s John Munch.

Together we’ll work on fixing your design and save you from committing a heinous design atrocity. Because, let’s face it… your brand could use a pick-me-up and your table based website might look like something from the in 90’s. And that’s okay. But do you really want to be “one of those guys“?

Let’s make something great together.

How I like to spend my freetime…