Graphic Services

Design Services

Hugh Galloway’s creativity and skill can turn your vision into a professional design. Hugh Galloway has years of experience in turning ideas into a multitude of designs and products.
No Design… No Problem!

  • Basic to Detailed Typesetting, Layout, Design, and Graphics
  • Basic to Detailed Image Editing and Creation
  • Use your mock-ups or design specifications

Design Estimate

Contact Me For An EstimateEstimated design time will be provided prior to the start of your project or you can view our Pricing and Process Page.

**Stock Photography and Graphics available upon request for an additional fee.

Design Estimate

Let Hugh show you what he has done for other customers. As you can see, the more complex the design becomes, the more design time will be required. Design time differs depending on complexity of design and the type/quality of files/artwork needed.

Level 1 1 – 2 Hours of Design
  • Basic Layout & Typesetting
  • Basic Photoediting/Graphics
  • Simple Design Elements
  • 1 Design & 1 Revision
Level 2 3 – 4 Hours of Design
  • Layout & Typesetting
  • Simple Photoediting/Graphics
  • Simple Design Elements
  • 1 Design & 1 Revision
Level 3 5 – 7 Hours of Design
  • Advanced Layout & Typesetting
  • Advanced Photoediting & Graphics
  • Advanced Design Elements
  • 1 Design & 2 Revisions
Level 4 8+ Hours of Design
  • Complex Layout & Typesetting
  • Complex Photoediting & Graphics
  • Complex Design Elements
  • Multiple Designs & Revisions Defined by scope

If you have a design or are designing

How To Prepare Graphics

We can create or provide templates for all your needs. Make sure your files are print-ready before you submit them. Here are 4 easy steps to follow to create the best image.

1. Right Dimension?

Double-check your graphic dimensions to make sure it matches the correct size. If image goes all the way to the edge of a product it is advised to add a minimum of an 1/8 inch of bleed.

2. Good Resolution?

Double-check your graphic for the correct DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch). For high quality print results export images with 300 DPI @ 100% scale (the minimum acceptable DPI is 150 @ 100% scale).
For Web images 72-96 DPI are acceptable.

3. Correct Color Mode?

When printing for best color matching submit color calibrated screens with a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) color mode. Submitting RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) color mode could result in incorrect colors when printing. When possible use Pantone or spot colors.
For the web RGB is prefered vs CMYK.

4. Proof Reading?

It is your responsibility to proof read all your text. Please proof read before you submit your files. We rely solely on your approval of the proof as a final verification and acceptance of the project.
**We cannot accept financial responsibility for spelling, colors, images, or other errors found after approval.

Accepted Print File Formats
Raster Images

Adobe Photoshop (flattened .PSD), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF), Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF), and High Res-JPEG (.JPG or .JPEG)

Vector Images

Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF), and Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS)